6 Ways to Attract and

Engage Diverse Candidates

How can your organization use the latest recruitment marketing technology to attract more diverse talent?


A diverse workforce strengthens organizational performance, drives greater innovation, and creates a more trusted employer brand.

Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 36% more likely to have above-average profitability than those in the bottom quartile. (Source: McKinsey 2019)
Organizations with more diverse management teams report 19% more innovation-driven revenue than those with less diversity. (Source: Boston Research Group 2018)
Nearly 9 out of 10 millennials would take a pay cut to work for an employer whose mission and values align with their own. (Source: LinkedIn 2018)
How to Build a More Diverse & Inclusive Workforce
Make a good first impression

Your career site is the first interaction candidates have with your brand, so make sure it showcases your company’s diversity initiatives. Consider publishing targeted microsites specifically geared toward underrepresented candidates.

Create relevant content

Utilize your owned channels to publish diversity-focused content. This could include blog posts on socially-conscious topics, employee spotlights that highlight your inclusive workforce, and social media campaigns that reinforce your employer brand.

Auto-broadcast to diverse job boards

Attract more diverse candidates by automatically posting job openings to job boards, social networks, and agencies that are focused on diversity hiring. This will ensure that your posting is seen by underrepresented applicants from the outset.

Build a proprietary candidate database

As you ramp up your diversity and inclusion efforts, your CRM database will evolve into a valuable source for diverse talent. Over time, this proprietary talent pool can help to identify and engage candidates with diverse backgrounds.

Utilize automated sourcing

Use your recruitment marketing platform to automatically initiate outbound candidate searches for each new requisition. Then, set up an automated campaign to send emails to diverse candidates, inviting them to apply for relevant job postings.

Offer opt-in talent networks

Creating your own talent networks for diversity groups enables you to stay in contact with diverse candidates, share job opportunities, and build ongoing relationships. When the right job opens up, you’ll have an easy way to engage them in the hiring process.

Grow Stronger Through Diversity

Workplace diversity makes your organization stronger.
Jobvite can help to empower your recruiting organization to attract a highly inclusive workforce both now and in the future.