When Change is the Only Constant

Discover job seekers' greatest challenges and employer’s hidden opportunities pre- and post- COVID-19. 

After the effects of COVID-19 became clear for thousands of employees and job seekers across the country, we knew the Jobvite 2020 Job Seeker Nation report would be different.


We initially surveyed 1,500 job seekers and employers to learn their unfiltered opinions, behaviors, and preferences related to how they search for and choose a new opportunity in February. In April 2020, we went back and surveyed job seekers again to see if their previous insights had changed in response to the pandemic.


Here are some of the biggest insights from job seekers and new opportunities for recruiters, employers, and talent acquisitions professionals to reach those potential candidates.

The Stress Is Real

It comes as no surprise that stress levels at work have significantly increased for American employees, while one in three (33%) report a somewhat increased stress level at work and nearly one-quarter (22%) report a drastically increased stress level.


The same goes for job seekers. Sixty-nine percent of job seekers report increased stress levels, including 41% who report drastically increased stress.

Job Less and (In)security

Over the past three months, workers have become less secure in their position in the marketplace. Job Seeker Nation found that 39% of workers feel at least somewhat less secure than they did three months ago, including 22% who feel much less secure.


In addition, one in every four American workers reports that they have lost a job or have an immediate family member who lost a job due to corporate downsizing within the past year. And nearly half are worried about losing a job in the next year or have an immediate family member who shares that same fear.

A Dire Need Emerges

— And Ways to Help

In March and April 2020, one in five (19%) surveyed workers or members of their immediate families have gone without food for 24 hours due to a lack of money. This is most likely to have happened to males (23%) and workers with children at home (29%).


Jobvite has donated $10,000 to help fight food insecurity. We hope you'll consider donating to Feeding America to combat hunger.


Want to help? Visit Feeding America’s website.

Job Seekers Eager to Connect and Interview

Candidates today are connecting on their own terms. Workers report that their preferred methods for job interviews in the current COVID-19 job market are:


  • In-person Interviews: 77%
  • Phone Calls: 67%
  • Videos: 45%
  • Email: 32%
  • Text Messaging: 31%

Side Hustles Come Front-And-Center

American workers’ interest in having a second source of income outside of their regular jobs has increased. Forty-six percent of workers surveyed in April say they plan to have a second source of income outside of their regular 9-5 jobs, compared to 36% in February.

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